Getting Started With Our US Tax Accountant

Getting Started With Your Online Tax Professional

1         Create An Account On Our Secured Portal.

Create an account on our system in the client portal under the “Resources” tab on the home page. This portal allows us to work together efficiently by securely exchanging working documents.   See the video on how our portal works.  We will verify your account has been created, and you will be notified upon approval by email.  Please remember, your information is safe.  Read our security measures under the “About” tab on the home page.  We take the security of our client’s information seriously.

2         Complete Tax Organizer And Upload Your Documents

Log into the client portal under the “Resources” tab, you will see a Tax Organizer for you to complete. Enter your data into the organizer.  If you cannot complete the organizer in one sitting, it will be available to you to complete at any time.  The status bar under Tax Organizer will indicate “INPROGRESS”.  When you have completed the organizer press the tab on the last page “Submit Response”.  It will notify us that you have completed the organizer.

Next, upload your information and tax documents.  Under the Secure File Exchange, press the upload icon and you will be directed to an “Upload file into My Documents”.  This is where you upload copies of previous tax returns, W-2’s, 1099’s, and any other documents to support your tax return.  You will see the uploaded documents in your “My Documents” file.  All information and correspondence will be in your client portal.

If you encounter any problems, please call us anytime.  We will then review all the documents, organizer, and previous tax returns and notify you if we need any other documentation.

3         Sign The Engagement Letter

When we have received all your documents we will analyze your situation and draft an engagement letter outlining the services we will provide. You will be notified by email, and you will find the engagement letter under “My Documents” in the Secured File Exchange. This document describes the services you would like us to perform and specifies the cost for these services. This way the client is 100% aware of the services and total cost before we get started. 

Please printout the engagement letter, read, and sign the last page then upload the signature page (last page) back to your account in the client portal OR send it us as a secured document through SecureSend under the “Resources” tab on the home page.  We will be notified when the document is received.

4         We Will Prepare Your Return

After you sign and upload the engagement letter, and if the all information necessary is received and complete, we will prepare your tax returns.  This takes approximately ten to fifteen business days after you sign the engagement letter.  Please notify us if you need a more expedient turn-around time.  During the preparation time, it is not unusual for us to call or email you if we have any questions about your information. When we have completed a draft tax return we will setup a client call (appointment) with you to go over the tax return.  We will post the draft return in your client portal under “My Documents” to facilitate our discussion.  During the appointment, we will discuss items that have come to our attention.

5         Review Your Tax Return And Make Payment

After your tax return is prepared, and you are satisfied, your payment is due. We will post an invoice in your client portal under “My Documents”.  As soon as we receive payment (see Pay My Fee- US or Canada under the “Resource” tab on the home page) the final copy of the tax return will be available for download through your client portal.  We will e-file it on your behalf.  Before e-filing a return, we must receive a signed IRS Form 8879 signed by you and your spouse if applicable.  This will be posted to your client portal under “My Documents”.  As soon as we receive the signed form, we will e-file your return. Please note that in certain cases the IRS does not allow e-filing (if that applies to you, we will provide instructions on how you can mail it in to the IRS).  You will be notified of the e-filing at your email address provided and not on your client portal.


We at US Tax Professionals would like to advise you that we do not “farm out” our accounting or tax return preparation services to India or any other country, sub-contractors or any other type of cloud or internet tax preparation service.  We complete the whole engagement with you “In-House”.  All our tax returns are prepared using Thomson Reuters software, which is one of the leading tax software companies in the business.  All the software calculations and checks are guaranteed.  Also, our returns are prepared and reviewed by a CPA, CMA, EA or a professional with a graduate degree in US taxation who knows and understands the US tax code and regulations.  Thank you for your patronage!