Cross Border Tax Specialist in Vancouver B.C.

US Tax Professionals is a full-service professional US Tax Accountant in Vancouver. Our firm specializes in providing US tax preparation services for US and Canadian citizens living Cross Border in the US, Canada and abroad. We offer over 25 years of experience in providing a broad range of professional cross border tax services for individuals, businesses, executives, Expats, investors, and independent professionals located in Vancouver B.C., Canada.

  • US Tax Returns: Preparation of Form 1040 and Form 1040NR
  • Resident aliens, green card holders, Canadian citizens, and US citizens
  • IRS issues & Tax controversy issues
  • SSN/ITIN number
  • Canada US Income Tax Convention (Treaty)
  • FBAR form, FinCEN Report 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
  • FACTA compliance (Reporting of financial accounts) outside of US
  • FIRPTA compliance (Property)
  • Foreign tax credits
  • RRSP & RRIF (New Legislation)
  • PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company)
  • ECI (Effectively Connected Income)
  • FDAP (Fixed or Determinable Annual or Periodical income) withholdings

US Expat Tax Preparation Specialist

Meet our US Expat Tax Preparation Specialist, Mark Schiffer, in Vancouver, BC. Why trust the preparation of your US tax returns to anyone other than a US experienced practitioner. We were educated in US schools and received our experience from US firms and businesses.